Google Images Download

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This is a command line python program to search keywords/key-phrases on Google Images and optionally download images to your computer. You can also invoke this script from another python file.

This is a small and ready-to-run program. No dependencies are required to be installed if you would only want to download up to 100 images per keyword. If you would want more than 100 images per keyword, then you would need to install Selenium library along with chromedriver. Detailed instructions in the troubleshooting section.


This program is compatible with both the versions of python - 2.x and 3.x (recommended). It is a download-and-run program with no changes to the file. You will just have to specify parameters through the command line.


The guide provides detailed instructions on how to install the library.


The following section provides details on using the library - from CLI or by standard imports.


This section provides all the arguments/parameters/options you can provide to this library.


Many examples have been provided to help new users quickly ramp up the the usage.


Workflow showcases the algorithm used within this module to download the images.


Anyone is welcomed to contribute to this script. If you would like to make a change, open a pull request. For issues and discussion visit the Issue Tracker.

The aim of this repo is to keep it simple, stand-alone, backward compatible and 3rd party dependency proof.



This program lets you download tons of images from Google. Please do not download or use any image that violates its copyright terms. Google Images is a search engine that merely indexes images and allows you to find them. It does NOT produce its own images and, as such, it doesn’t own copyright on any of them. The original creators of the images own the copyrights.

Images published in the United States are automatically copyrighted by their owners, even if they do not explicitly carry a copyright warning. You may not reproduce copyright images without their owner’s permission, except in “fair use” cases, or you could risk running into lawyer’s warnings, cease-and-desist letters, and copyright suits. Please be very careful before its usage!